While traveling in India, I often had to deal with government crooks and inflated price tags designed just for tourists. Perhaps many people think that it would be ethical to pay higher price for a ticket on the bill and thus, fit money to the right channels for the improvement of the World Wonders. But the conversation about morality and disparity in various countries, to which I have the opposite point of view, I will leave for later. In general meeting with such double standards, I often found the way to dig further to discover other angles on life, avoiding trodden paths. In the moments of discovery for myself I often met a completely sincere in their behaviour people and not-fabricated natural environments. It felt incredible. One of these places was Agra and the other side of the Taj Mahal. Behind the curtain of the whitewashed walls, the men in topis and the onion tops, there was poverty and despondency. Such places show the downsides of tourism industry and its influence on people’s lives outside the tourist sites.