Just to illustrate the kind of daily hassle we faced in India, I’d like to illustrate one particular example, of a day in Ahmedabad spent searching for the basic, inexpensive accommodation. First hotel has no license for foreigners. Second is unavailable until 10am next day. Third only accepts single people. Fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh are full, apparently due to an exhibition and/or wedding season. People say Ahmadabad is welcoming. Well, that was just the start. Eighth is full due to student exams. Room prices in ninth and tenth are out of our budget. Eleventh hotel is actually a restaurant with the name “Hotel”, so is 12th called “Lodge“. Go figure. Thirteenth is over the budget. Who pays that much? Fourteenth and fifteenth are full. Sixteenth is a guesthouse with an ironic name “Bless you”, which is blessedly full. As the hours passed we concluded that the least visited city in India, appeared to be the most hostile. Seventeenth, packed. Eighteenth: “We are full sir”. Imagine our frustration as our smiles fucked off our faces and were nowhere to be found. Nineteenth and twentieth aren’t available. Discriminatory twat behind the reception desk of place twenty one announced that their hotel is for Indians only. Ah, the sound of progressive India. Hotel number twenty two is booked for two weeks due to weddings. Guess the nation that celebrates weddings like no other in the world? Twenty three: “No availability.” —“What are all these keys behind your back?” —“I’m busy sir, no availability.” Hotel number 24. “500 rupees.” —“Thank you”. What was the worst that could happen? Was it worth it? You be the judge.