Anshun is known for its aerospace industry, is a city with its folklore and history of Western Han dynasty dating back to 200 B.C. I found it standard, dusty small and boring. Yeah, sorry.

I will never forget looking for our hostel in the middle of the night. We were dropped off couple of kilometres away from Anshun and had to walk down the destroyed road which was only lit by the lights of passing cars. Eventually we end up sitting in the hotel lobby getting tea in plastic cups from dodgy looking female servants. They were so hot it felt that cups will dissolve in my hands and hot tea will spill all over me.

At night the city is quite dull too.

Grocery store away from the city centre.

Dull but colourful.

In the cab.
Grocery store in city centre.
Grilled chicken.

Grilled meat sellers have a fan on the grill that fans away all the meat smells to attract customers.

Meat grilling stand.

Besides the meat all the parts of the animal go into the food. If Europeans feel right eating only chicken breast, wings and thighs, the Chinese will easily eat the feet, neck, head, offal and even cockscomb.

Feet, spines and heads.
Feet, spines and heads.

The Chinese language is quite tricky, the trick is to pronounce every syllable so that the Chinese bring you food, rather than dance a Dragon Dance for you.

Outside kitchen.
Outside kitchen.
Inside kitchen.
Inside kitchen.
Taxi fellow traveller.

While most Chinese in rural areas are still unfamiliar with coffee and are traditionally strong tea drinkers, all the coffee houses in China are based in the developing areas and are used by middle class people.

“Foreigners are not aware that the money for the opening and maintenance of this and many other coffee shops is given by the communist government.”

Group photo with my fellow traveller and hospitable locals.

Made in China with love.

Cup of foreign coffee for a foreigner.