Bhuj will always remain in my memory as a place of a constant heads up. Where if you don’t ask the price beforehand you will be overpriced. Where tea is served with milk and sugar when asked for black and sugarless. Where you finally give up being annoying first world snob and accept the tea as it is made. In Bhuj you take bus seat that is finally comfortable but comes with extra curious hair picking, in-your-face-foot-sticking people around you. Or you could book a bed in intercity train packed with strangers sharing it until the midnight. It’s a place of feeling especially cool in attempt of saving $0.30 while refilling your water bottle from the public tank with excessive taste of chlorine. Feeling amazing after some street food and spending the whole day after in the toilet after eating at the same place the second time. Slogan “Incredible India” should be renamed to “Surprising India”, because it is surprising how an overnight demonetisation can screw thousand people’s savings. It is quite surprising to reveal a rickshaw driver to be a scamming scumbag charging 50 rupees for a one way ride and 500 for the same route back. At the petrol station you ask for a litre of gas they fill your tank for 1.5L for higher price. You taste a ripe fruit but she packs you unripe. You ask for the haircut and within a minute regret it. Did anyone imagined to get their clothes back from laundry dirtier they were before? I did. Looked up — stepped in shit. If there is a place in the world where you have to perpetually watch out it will be Bhuj.