Chainpur’s patchwork of pristine green fields are carved out of a steep valley, set amidst velvety hills and wrapped around by a cool blue river. It sees little footfall from outside visitors. Most visitors to Nepal don’t make it to the Far West of the country, there isn’t much information about it. The region was a stronghold for Maoist insurgents during the civil war and this, in combination with its remote location, has held back development compared to the rest of the country. Curious about this remote corner of Nepal we took a bone-shakingly, epic 48-hour bus ride, from Pokhara, to the town of Chainpur. We knew nothing about the place in advance; it was an adventure into the unknown.

Chainpur: New Year in Nepal’s Far West

On the cusp of the year 2074 we travel to Nepal’s far west, where tucked away, beyond cascading terraced farms and precarious roads, the town of Chainpur readies itself for a festival.

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