Taiwan is a fairly small, mango-shaped island and one of the most densely populated places in the world. Aside from its crowded cities, Taiwan is also known for its steep mountains, lush forests and striking scenery. Although the country’s culture was influenced by its Chinese and Japanese colonisers, it has also developed and maintained its own distinctive culture. Unlike its former conquerors, Taiwan has also managed to preserve its indigenous population, inhabitants of the island for thousands of years. In recent decades Taiwan has developed into one of Asia’s big trading nations and has affirmed its position as one of the world's advanced industrial economies, thanks to its rapid economic growth and industrialisation. With its high-tech industry, Taiwan now plays a key role in the global economy.
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Lanyu — Island of the people

There are two famous islands in the south eastern part of Taiwan – Lu Tao which literally means Green Island, and Lan Yu, which translates as Orchid Island. The first is easily accessible,…

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Why most Asians wear face masks?

The ironic thing in China, where people smoke in metro, push in crowds, spit and pee on the street, burp and fart in restaurants, is that from time to time you come across people with cloth…

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