Once upon time there were Brahmins — the Indian priests. In Jodhpur they used to live amongst other people. But as they had been considered a highest caste and wanted to demonstrate it, they painted their homes in blue — their favourite. That made Jodhpur widely known as “Blue City” despite that unpainted homes outnumbered blue ones by a large margin and left tourists feel as they were miscommunicated to. Those who refused accepting the reality of “Blue City” is not being blue are actively use Photoshop filters to increase the number of blue houses and make it look false. Slogan here is taken seriously as locals ask government to pass a legislation that requests most houses in central part of the city to be painted blue. Some locals claim it will help to highlight the cultural heritage and make tourism to grow, neglecting the personal preference of painting own house in preferred colour. Before this absurd religious flattery is passed and completely transformed the city I invite you to enjoy it as it is.