Not far from Bagerhat there is Khulna, the third largest city of Bangladesh, the second largest university in the country. There are almost no rooms in the city, hotels are packed with students and their relatives, we had to look for locals through Couchsurfing. They turned out to be Hindus not Muslims, which is rarity in Bangladesh but not in Khulna. Hosts gave us their private bed, and themselves slept on the floor, showed us around the city, introduced to their friends, took for a wedding and fed every day.

Morning Khulna was empty as the streets of central London after Christmas, probably because of the rain. The last two days was a downpour. During the rainy season the level of the rivers rises and the streets flood. Experienced Bangladeshis are reconciled with the weather forecast, and postpone their least important cases until after rain. During the rain, work does not stop, but goes with a full swing.