Welcome to Mysore — one of the first cites in Asia to undertake planned development, thanks to which it feels organised, clean and less hectic compared to other parts of India. Tourism is Mysore’s major industry and perhaps one of the main reasons why everywhere you go you’ll be followed by annoying scammers offering advise on “that coffee shop” or “this particular one shop”. Harassment is random, in some cases it’s just an auto rickshaw the driver offering to take you to some place where supposedly his “brother” trades. I heard this story more than once in India, leading me to believe that India is one big “brotherhood”. In reality the driver will get a commission from the purchase they hope we will make. Oh My sore head. In addition Mysore retains its old world charm through its palaces, heritage buildings, traditions and temples. However many old houses are actively being replaced by new ones. Mysore is also famous for its coffee, which is picked in places like Chikmagalur and sold in the markets here. Some of these markets are situated in muslim areas, where they also breed, slaughter and sell animal meat.