Puthia is the city of Hindu temples, which is known to the whole world. Its buildings are made in Jaipur style, built of orange brick and richly decorated with terracotta bas-reliefs, like an open book full of stories, legends and riddles. These temples were built for almost 70 years. In the 19th century, the ruler of this region, which was then part of Pakistan, favoured this complex to the Hindus. Of course, nowadays these temples look neglected and appear to have risen from the thick jungle. Standing here, it is not difficult to imagine how beautiful the temples were only 50 years ago and the life around it. However, its bare, natural, slightly shabby and time-worn shape is a special attractiveness of Puthia’s temples. Places that does not see the foreign tourist. Puthia is the real Bangladesh with all its complicated history and charm, even though it is Hindu.