To the most people it is known for his cleanliness and huge fines. With its world-famous draconian laws of banning people from spitting the chewing gum, feeding birds, sitting on the pavements, lying on the grass, smoking on street in the wrong place, it turned out to be even more orderly than I have imagined. The tropical countries with the strong culture of the street food are usually full of flies and cockroaches. Not in Singapore. Flies are not even in the meat markets.

To illustrate how harsh can the penalties be, here is an example; if penalties for improper parking are about $300, smoking in the wrong place can be around $730. I suppose my surprise can be explained by comparing a six-month trip to India and Bangladesh, where everything is chaotic and grimy to put it bluntly with a complete opposite Singapore, to which I do not have the right to pick on.